Baoshun is specialized in R&D and industrial production of coal tar

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  • Baoshun concentrates on the deep and further processing of coal tar and crude benzene as well as the R&D. At present, Baoshun has 28 kinds of coal tar series products and 6 kinds of benzene series products.
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  • Office: +86 372 3369200, 3369216
    Address: 20F, Building B, International Trade Center,
    East Wenfeng Street, Anyang, Henan, China

  • Raw material supply: +86 372 3269018
    Product sales: +86 372 3269033
  • People Of Baoshun

  • To create a better life for the industrious and wise.
  • Bao Shun people
  • Since foundation in 2003, amount of simple, kind, Read More
  • Social Responsibility

  • Environmental protection is the foundation of this
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